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Transap provides a translation service to the academic community in Spain who wish to see their articles published in English.

Working wherever necessary in close consultation with authors and mindful of the requirements of each specific publication, we ensure that texts submitted for translation are carefully translated and returned to the author ready for submission to the publisher. In addition to articles, conference speeches, short abstracts and revisions are also very welcome.

Examples of published work are available to potential clients on request. These could be papers on scientific, sociological or historical topics already published in a range of North American and European journals.

There can often be a lengthy spell of time between the submission of an article and its final publication. The agreement to undertake a translation for a specific publication includes an undertaking to give priority at a later stage to additional work relating to the peer review process. In our experience, authors also recognize that some consultation is needed when complex texts are sent for translation.

Translation work is completed using CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools (Wordfast) and Adobe and Texnic software enable a range of scientific notations to be processed that are not supported by standard word processor packages.

Life-long learning, ongoing training and continuous improvement are key elements in the philosophy applied to the daily task of translating papers that for the author might represent months or years of painstaking effort. The aim is at all times to produce a text that reads smoothly and naturally in English, aware of the need to negotiate meaning, find the nearest equivalences, and at times either embellish or omit words in the original text to produce a translation that will satisfy the target audience.

The World Wide Web contains a plethora of glossaries, dictionaries and resources that may be instantly accessed in the search for solutions to translations terms. However, ever-greater choice implies ever-increasing error margins. Transap recognizes its areas of expertise and will provide clear feedback to authors on its ability to handle particularly difficult texts. On-line resources will always come a poor second best in comparison to the help of reliable experts whose knowledge of a field can easily resolve difficulties.

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